Frequently Asked Questions

Please take a moment to find answers to some of or most frequently asked questions below. Here are a collection of links to the individual municipal department's frequently asked questions:

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Most Commonly Asked Questions

Q. What are the hours of the municipal operations?

A. A list of our hours can be found by clicking here.

Q. When are taxes mailed out, and what are the due dates?

A. The tax bills are generally mailed out approximately the third week in February and approximately the third week in July. A by-law is passed at the beginning of each year which sets out the installment dates for taxes. Please visit the By-Law category to find the most current tax levy which will include the tax due dates.

Q. Can I pay my taxes online?

A. Yes you can pay your taxes and water online or by telephone at all major banking institutions.

Q. When do I need a new dump sticker?

A. The current dump sticker is valid until December 31, 2018.

Q. How do I get rid of my Hazardous Waste?

A. Hazardous waste cannot be taken to the McDougall landfill or transfer station. It must be disposed of at the MacFarlane Street Household Hazardous Waste Depot in Parry Sound. Click here for a map. For details on what can be disposed of at this location, please click here.

Q. When do swimming lessons start, and when can I register?

A. For details on the swim program, please click here.

Q. When do we need fire (burning) permits?

A. For details on when burning permits are required and how they are acquired, please click here.

Q. Who can use the McDougall Landfill Site?

A. For details on who can use the McDougall Landfill site, please click here.

Q. When do I need a dog tag?

A. Dog tags are required upon acquiring a dog.  Tags are good for life, and there is no fee to obtain a tag or replace a lost tag. To obtain a copy of the Dog License form, please click here.

Q. Where can I obtain drinking water in McDougall?

A. Drinking water is available from a public tap located at the Municipal Fire Hall at 10 Municipal Drive. Location details can be found by clicking here.