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Debbie Swim
Chief Building Official

Municipality of McDougall
Building Department
5 Barager Boulevard
R.R. # 3, Parry Sound, Ontario
P2A 2W9

Telephone 705-342-5252
Fax 705-342-5573

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Q. How long does it take to complete a rezoning process?

A. This depends on the accuracy in which the application is completed. It would usually take 2 to 3 months.

Q. How do I access the West Parry Sound Geography Network?

A. The interactive map can be found by clicking this link. After checking off that you agree with the disclaimer, click the "Access as Public" button to gain access to the zoning map.

Q. Do I have to notify my neighbours if I plan to rezone my property?

A. As part of the process, the Planning Act requires the Municipality to send notice of the intent to rezone to property owners who are within 400 feet of the said property.

Q. What is the zoning of my property?

A. By viewing the McDougall Comprehensive Zoning-By-law Map Attachments, you are able to locate your general area and zoom in by clicking the - / + buttons:   as well as the vertical and horizontal scroll bars along the bottom and right side. After locating your property, take note of the area's specific zone code label. Please note that the border parameters of each zone are outlined by a heavy line and may encompass a group of properties. A particular property may have more than one zoning designation. You may now close the map and view the Zoning By-Law All information pertaining to your specific zone(s) will be located in this document. An explanatory version of the schedule "B” table from Guide G5 for lot creation, setbacks, etc. is also available.

Note: To better understand the outlines of each individual property please refer to West Parry Sound Geography Network. Using the public version of the interactive map, hold the cursor over the McDougall portion of the map and left click to open. Find your property. Using your roll number (found on your tax bill) (or click on map) allows you to locate your property on the map. Another alternative is by use of the zoom tools located below the map.

Q. I plan on purchasing a property and would like to know if I can build on it?

A. View the Zoning By-Law. This document gives the Municipal requirements that are to be met. The Ontario Building Code (O.B.C.) sets out all of the minimum building requirements that are to met. It is the responsibility of the (prospective) property owner to assess the potential for developing a particular lot prior to purchasing by using the applicable information to make their own decision. The building department does not comment on the potential for building on a piece of land until all documentation (building permit application), plans, fees paid and all other pertinent documentation has been submitted. The actual building permit is the answer. To further direct you to some of the most common points to be reviewed (there may be others) refer to the building website. Every situation is different.

More information regarding planning and zoning can be found by clicking here.