Tax Bills and Rates

Standard Interim Tax Billing:

Tax Bills are issued twice each year. The first bill or "Interim Tax Bill" is issued in February and is based on 50% of the previous year's taxes. This bill is payable in two equal installments (50% each) due on March 17 2017 and May 19, 2017.


Owing property taxes penalty:

Penalty at the rate of 1.25% will be added to all outstanding accounts on the first day following the due date as well as added interest to all outstanding tax accounts on the first day of each following month at a rate of 1.25%.


Tax Rates:

The 2017 budget estimates and tax rates by-law can be found by clicking here.


Residential 0.00563685 0.00179000 0.00742685
Multi-Residential 0.00620054 0.00179000 0.00799054
Commercial Occupied 0.00792554 0.00744767 0.01537321
Commercial Vacant 0.00554788 0.00521337 0.01076125
Commercial Excess 0.00554788 0.00521337 0.01076125
Industrial Occupied 0.01467728 0.01140000 0.02607728
Industrial Vacant 0.00954023 0.00741000 0.01695023
Industrial Excess 0.00954023 0.00741000 0.01695023
Farm 0.00140921 0.00044750 0.00185671
Managed Forest 0.00140921 0.00044750 0.00185671

Supplemental Tax Billing:

If you have recently purchased a newly constructed house or made any additions or renovations to your property, you may receive a supplemental tax bill due to the increased assessed value. The Supplemental Bill is in addition to what may have been previously billed on the property, even if the amounts are not yet due. Any amounts not paid by the due dates indicated on the bills will be subject to penalty/interest at a rate of 1.25% per month, on the first day of each month.

Legislation allows MPAC to assess a property for the current year and up to two previous years, retroactive to the date of substantial completion or occupancy, whichever comes first. You will receive a notice from MPAC indicating the reason, date and additional assessment value before receiving a bill from the Township. The notice and billing may occur in the year of the improvement, or any time within the following two calendar years. If you have any questions regarding the assessed value, please contact MPAC.

How to Pay Your Tax Bills:

Pre-Authorized Payment Program: This method authorizes your financial institution to automatically withdraw your property tax payments from your account and forward them to the Municipality of McDougall on the tax bill withdrawal dates. A similar program is also offered for utilities. Both pre-authorized payment program forms can be found under the Treasury forms section of the Financial page. For more information, please call the Municipal Office.

Credit or Debit Card: You can come into the Municipal Office and pay using your credit or debit card. At this time, however, we do not accept this method over the phone or internet.

Cheque: You have the option to hand-in or mail a cheque to the Municipal Office.

Online Banking: Setting up an online banking account is a quick and easy way to pay tax bills. For information on setting up your account, contact your prefered banking institution or visit their website.