Declaration of Interest Registry

Declaration of Interest - Municipal Conflict of Interest Act

Under the Municipal Conflict of Interest Act, the Municipality of McDougall is required to establish and maintain a public registry of when a member of Council discloses an interest. The registry must include the original written declaration provided by the Member of Council and must be available to the public.

A full registry including all written statements is available at the Municipal Office and is maintained by the Office of the Clerk.

For more information, please contact the Clerk.

2019 Declaration of Interest Registry

 Meeting Date  Meeting Type  Member of Council  Item Number  General Nature of Declaration
 December 19, 2018  Committee/Council  Councillor Constable 13 i)   Family Member on Accounts Payable
 June 5, 2019  Committee/Council  Mayor Robinson  6.v)  File No B15/2019 (McD) Owner/Applicant  
 June 19, 2019  Committee/Council  Mayor Robinson  6. iv)  File No B15/2019 (McD) Owner/Applicant  
 August 7, 2019
 Mayor Robinson
 6. v)