Treasury Forms

The Pre-Authorized Tax Payment Form authorizes your financial institution to automatically withdraw your property tax payments from your account and forward them to the Municipality of McDougall on the tax bill withdrawal dates.

The Pre-Authorized Utility Payment Program Form offers you a convenient and secure Utility Bill payments on time, every time.
A vendor can use the Request for Vendor Payment by Direct Deposit Form to have the payment of amounts owing by the Municipality deposited directly into their bank account.  

If you are moving or thinking of moving it is important to ensure that you change your address with the proper authorities. You can find the Municipality of McDougall's Change of Address Form here. You should notify the federal and your provincial or territorial government to ensure that your benefit payments continue to arrive on time. Service Canada has compiled a checklist to ensure that you contact the right people.
If you're registering your new business in the municipality, check out our Business category and fill out the Business Registration Permit.

Details regarding street vending, hawking and peddling can be found in by-law 2006-008. You will also find the Hawkers/peddler License Form Here.