Emergency Response Plan

The Municipality of McDougall continues to prepare for any emergencies we believe may occur. Our planning team consists of the Fire Chief, Public Works Superintendant, CAO and Council. In McDougall, we do not use an all hazards approach to our planning, but rather we have examined past historical emergencies which have occurred in our area and have built our Emergency Response Plan around these incidents. This is called a Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment approach to emergency planning.

Click here to view the Municipality of McDougall Emergency Response Plan.

The Municipality of McDougall is a vital contributing member to the Emergency Response capability of West Parry Sound.  The McDougall Fire Department has 38 Firefighters and a full time Fire Chief and can respond with a fleet of 7 Fire Apparatus and 2 specialty vehicles and a boat.  The McDougall Public Works Department has a modern fleet of the latest heavy equipment and 8 trained professional operators.

The West Parry Sound District Municipalities work together in both emergency planning and response.  We operate under a common Emergency Response Plan and a Mutual Assistance Agreement, whereby, the West Parry Sound Municipalities agree to assist each other with equipment and personnel in times of emergency and disaster.