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10 Municipal Drive
McDougall, Ontario

2 Peninsula Shores Road
McDougall, Ontario

To contact Fire Chief Shoebottom by email or call 705-342-5252.




Q. When do I need a permit to burn?

A. A permit to open air burn is required for all daytime burning year round in McDougall. Evening burning; which is considered 2 hours before sunset until 2 hours after sunrise, does not require a permit provided the fire danger rating is low or moderate, and the fire does not exceed 2 meters in diameter/2 meters in height.  Open air evening burning is not permitted if the fire danger rating is high or extreme.  

Daytime Burning is considered between the hours of 2 hours after sunrise until 2 hours before sunset, hence day burning. A permit is required for all day burning in McDougall, regardless of time of year.

Q. What is the fire season?

A. The fire season in Ontario is considered the period from April 1st to October 31st each year. This is written in legislation under the Forest Fire Prevention Act. It is during this time period that most wildland fires occur and therefore regulations in effect to control open air burning.

Q. Can I burn during the day?

A. Burning during the day is only allowed when with a permit to burn during the day. Day permits are only issued by the Fire Chief or his designate. In McDougall, designates are the Deputy Chief and the Fire Chief appointed Assistant to the Fire Marshal.

Q. Do we have a Fire Department?

A. Yes, the Municipality of McDougall has a professional Volunteer Fire Department. The department consists of two fire stations located at Nobel and Waubamik. The department generally has a roster of 35 members and maintains a current fleet of 7 vehicles (2 Pumpers, 1 Pumper/Tanker, 1 Tanker, 2 Rescues, 1 Squad), 1 snowmobile, 1 tracked ATV and 1 fire boat.

Q. How quickly can I count on a response from the Fire Department?

A. The McDougall Fire Department has a superb response record. In the past 6 years and almost 1000 emergency responses, the McDougall Fire Department maintains an average response time of 10 minutes. The response time of 10 minutes is calculated from the time the Fire Dept is alerted on its pagers until the time a crewed Fire Truck arrives on scene at the emergency. This is an excellent response time. It proves our firefighters are dedicated.

Q. Why does the Fire Department respond to Ambulance calls?

A. The McDougall Fire Dept is a vital and active component of the Tiered Response System. Tiered Response is the participation of both Fire Service and EMS services for quick response to medical emergencies. Generally, Fire Services in any given community are closer to an emergency when it occurs. Therefore, with the quick intervention of Fire Services to give pre-hospital care to an ill or injured person often means a better outcome for the patient.

Q. How can I become a firefighter?

A. Becoming a volunteer firefighter in McDougall is simple process. First, all potential candidates must meet with the Fire Chief to have an initial discussion. Then, candidates are required to fill out the department application and return it to the Fire Chief. The Fire Chief will review the application and again meet with the candidate. Then, the candidate must provide the department with a current medical and copies of driving license and any qualifications or certificates. The candidate will then report to the respective Fire Station on a Tuesday evening training session to meet the crew. If the candidate wishes to continue with recruitment the candidate will be given a probationary status for a period of six months during which the candidate is required to complete the recruit training program. If successful, the candidate becomes a McDougall Firefighter and joins the ranks of West Parry Sound’s FINEST.

Q. Does the Fire Department perform wood stove and chimney inspections?

A. A qualified member of the Fire Department may perform a fire safety inspection for the purposes of informing homeowners of fire safety concerns; however, the Fire Department does not perform WETT inspections for the purposes of Insurance Company compliances. A qualified contractor is required to perform this function.