Zoning Information

The zoning information guide briefly outlines some of the points to be addressed when applying for a building permit as they pertain to the Municipal Zoning By-law point of view. This includes but not limited to setbacks from property lines to structures including dwellings, accessory structures such as sleeping cabins, garages and sheds with some illustrations and definitions being provided. Commonly asked questions and answers are provided to assist in what are allowable uses and when they are permitted.

The application package has a summarized guide encompassing both building and zoning highlights. This application package is categorized into subcategories to be more definitive to the required information dependent on the nature of the project, information submission checklist and inspection requirements list.

References in these guides should also be made to address the basic requirements to be reviewed when applying for a building permit (from the municipal by-law point of view).

The guide for building in McDougall as well as the building permit package can be found under the Application Forms sub page.