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As required under the Municipal Act, the municipality has a Procedural By-Law which governs the call, place and proceedings of meetings.
The public is welcome to attend all Council and Committee meetings. Generally meetings are held the first and third Wednesday of the month starting at 7:00 p.m. at the Municipal Office, 5 Barager Blvd., McDougall, Ontario. Unless specifically identified as a Public Meeting, anyone who wants to speak at a Committee/Council meeting must register as a deputation. There are limits to how many people can speak at a meeting, however there are no limits to the number of pieces of written correspondence on a Council Agenda.
If you wish to appear before Council (make a deputation) then you must notify the Clerk the Wednesday prior to the meeting to be placed on the agenda. You must provide the clerk with a copy of all material that is being presented, the nature of the presentation and who will be appearing. Deputations are limited to three scheduled per meeting, and are placed at the front of the meeting agenda so you do not have to sit through the whole meeting. Deputations are restricted to a time frame of 10 minutes each. 
Matters requiring a decision of Council via by-law or resolution will be forwarded to the next scheduled meeting. All decisions of Council or Committee are not ratified as being legal until minutes are adopted and if applicable, appeal periods expire.

Dates and times may change or meetings may be cancelled or added, so we advise you to check in advance of the meeting. Meeting agendas will be made available online.

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