Forms, Permits and Applications

If you cannot find what you're looking for on this page, try the Planning and Zoning or Building Department category. 

Business Registration Form

The business registration form can be found by clicking here.


Application for a Building Permit

The application for a building permit application can be found by clicking here.
For more information, please visit the building department category on this website.


Application for a Minor Variance

To apply for a minor variance or permission, please fill out the Committee of Adjustment Application Form.

A Minor Variance is an allowance Council may award to Building and setback requirements (i.e., you want to build closer to the Lot Line than required). More information can be located under the Planning and Zoning category or inquired at the main office. 

Consent Application Form

The Planning Act requires that a "consent" or "plan of subdivision" must be approved before a parcel of land can be divided to create an additional lot or lots. A consent is also called a severance. Controlling the division of land through "severance" gives the Parry Sound Area Planning Board a way of ensuring that the creation of lots is consistent with the planning policies of the area Official Plans and Provincial planning documents. 


Shore Road Allowance

Municipal Council is prepared to consider applications to close and convey unopened road allowances/shore road allowances. This involves a number of legal procedures and expenses, and it is the policy of the Municipal Council that the Applicants for such road closing and conveyances should be responsible for these costs, not the general ratepayer, even in cases where, after some expenditures have been made, valid objections bar the sale. Shore Road Allowance Application


Change of Zoning

The Council for the Municipality of McDougall will consider zoning amendments, please fill out the Change of Zoning Application Form.


Landfill Commercial Account Application

The application form and by-law for commercial account at the landfill and transfer station can be found by clicking here.