Fire Rating

The Fire Danger Rating is a system of parameters which are considered in order to predict fire behaviour on any given day. The Fire Danger Rating system consists of four ratings and one special condition:

Low: Normal burning and residential fireworks allowed

Moderate: Normal burning and residential fireworks allowed

High: No open burning allowed other than campfires for cooking or warmth; LIGHTING OF RESIDENTIAL FIREWORKS ARE BANNED

Extreme: No open burning allowed; LIGHTING OF ALL FIREWORKS ARE BANNED

Restricted Fire Zone: Condition where the wild land is so dry that no open flame is allowed at all; LIGHTING OF ALL FIREWORKS ARE BANNED


Under all circumstances, commercial firework displays are only allowed under the authority of the fire chief. For more information, you can view the burning by-law (pdf 58.1kb). Fire permits can be found on the open air burning page.

Fire Danger Ratings are displayed on the Municipal Website and on signs located at:

  • The entrance to the Municipal Waste Transfer Station on Municipal Drive
  • On the front of Fire Station #2 in Waubamik
  • At the entrance to Nine Mile Lake