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Please check the general information on waste management and review the frequently asked questions (FAQ) below. If you can not find an answer to your question please call the main municipal office number and our staff will be pleased to answer your questions (705) 342-5252.


Q) What are the hours of operation of the transfer station, landfill and hazardous waste depot?

A) Please view our Facilities & Hours page for up to date hours.

Q) When are the free dump days for McDougall residents?

A) The Municipality no longer offers free dump days. More information on the McDougall Landfill including fees can be found on the Landfill Fees page.

Q) When do I need a sticker/permit to access the transfer station or landfill?

A) All McDougall residents are required to have a current sticker/permit dispayed at all times to access the transfer station or landfill. Our current sticker expires on March, 1, 2022.

Q) What is hazardous waste and how do I get rid of it?

A) Click here for a list of hazardous waste that is accepted at the hazardous waste depot and its location.

Q) How do I get rid of paint, cleaning products etc.?

A) This material is classified as hazardous waste and you take it to the hazardous waste depot in the Town of Parry Sound at MacFarlane St.

Q) Who can use the McDougall Landfill site and transfer station?

A) Only residents of McDougall with a proper sticker can use these facilities. Residents of Carling, Whitestone, Town of Parry Sound, McKellar, Seguin and Archipelago use the transfer stations provided by their municipality who then arrange for the disposal at the McDougall site or other locations. Businesses in these 6 municipalities and McDougall can use the McDougall landfill by using a commercial hauler or establishing their own account. Application can be made at the Municipal Office, see the "Forms, Permits and Applications" page for a copy of the application form. 

Q) I want to dispose of my garbage but neither the transfer station nor the landfill is open. Can I drop my garbage off at the gates at either of these two facilities?

A) It is illegal for you to drop garbage off at the gates to any facility that is not open. If you do this you are subject to a fine and /or charges that could see you in court.

Q) How do I find a commercial garbage hauler to remove my household or business garbage in bins?

A) You will find these in the yellow pages under the categories of Contractors and Rubbish Removal.

Q) Are there any special requirements for the disposal of large items, ie. boats, automobiles, appliances, etc?

A) All large items should have all fuels, oils, gases and hazardous materials removed. All recycled material should be removed and this would include metal, wood  and certain plastics.

Q) Why do all vehicles have to go over the weight scale at the landfill ?

A) The landfill site operates by permission from the Ministry of the Environment  and the operation must meet certain Regulation requirements and the conditions placed under the Certificate of Approval for the site. Under these regulations and also for Waste Management Diversion we are required to know the volume of material coming into the site and the volume of material leaving the site to calculate diversion rates and how much capacity has been used. The only way to determine this is to weigh all vehicles coming in and leaving. The requirement to stop at the scale also offers the scale operators the opportunity  to discuss what materials you have, to direct where you are to dispose of them and even reject items if they are not allowed.