Tax Bills and Rates

Receiving your Tax Bill:

Property owners will receive a tax bill by postal mail twice a year.  The first bill or "Interim Tax Bill" is issued in February and is based on 50% of the previous year's taxes. The second bill, the "Final Tax Bill" is issued in July.  These tax bills will be sent, at minimum, 21 days prior to the due date.  It is important to make sure that we always have your current mailing address on record so that you receive your tax bills and do not incur penalties for late payments.  If you do not receive your tax bill please let us know.  

If you are on a pre-authorized payment plan, or a mortgage plan, you will still receive a tax bill in the mail and this method of payment will be noted on the tax bill.

Account Balance, Transactions and Copy of Tax Bill

Your original tax bill that we mail out is your official income tax receipt.  Balance summaries and/or transaction details can be provided to owners noted on title, however fees may apply.  Duplicate copies of tax bills can also be provided for owners noted on title. 

Property Assessment

If you have any questions about how your property has been assessed, please follow this link to MPAC's website page regarding Residential Property Assessment.  Or you can visit About My Property where you can register for an account to learn more about how your property was assessed, view the information that MPAC has on file and compare your property to others in your neighbourhood.

Pre-Authorized Payment Program:  This method authorizes your financial institution to automatically withdraw your property tax payments from your account and forward them to the Municipality of McDougall on your behalf.  There are two programs to choose from, one is a monthly program, which is an 11 month program (no withdrawal in December) and the other is an installment program which would withdraw your installments on the installment due dates noted on your tax bill. Click here for the Pre-Authorized Tax Payment Form.
A similar program is also offered for utilities.  Click here for the Pre-Authorized Utility Payment Form


Credit Card, PayPal or Interac eTransfer:  We do not accept credit card payments in the office or over the phone.  If you would like to pay by credit card you can visit PaySimply, a secure third party payment provider to pay online with any major credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Amex), PayPal or Interac eTransfer.  Please allow 3-5 business days for processing.  Please be aware PaySimply will apply a convenience fee to to cover their payment handling and processing charges.  If you wish to use this service, please follow this link to pay your Property Taxes  or follow this link to pay your Utilities Account

Debit Card: You can come into the Municipal Office and pay using your debit card or online at

Cheque: You have the option to hand-in or mail a cheque to the Municipal Office.  We also have a drop box for after hours drop off, please do not put cash in the drop off box.

Online Banking: Setting up an online banking account is a quick and easy way to pay tax bills.  Please use your full 19 digit roll number as your account number with no spaces or decimal. The same can be done for utility bills and the account number is located on your bill. For further information on setting up your account, you can contact your preferred banking institution or our office.

For more information, please call the Municipal Office.
Tax bill due dates
  • Interim property tax bills are sent out mid-February and are due in two installments, March 17, 2023 and May 12, 2023.
  • Final property tax bills are sent out mid-July and are due in two installments, September 8, 2023 and October 20, 2023.
Other bill due dates
  • Arrears notices, are due as noted on the notice
  • Supplementary tax bill are due on the date noted on the bill
Payment Plan withdrawal dates
  • Installment plans - the withdrawal date will be the installment due dates in March, May, September and October each year
  • Monthly plans - withdrawal dates will be the first day of each month from January to November.  There is no withdrawal in December
  • Mortgage plans - your mortgage company is expected to pay taxes on your behalf by the bill due dates
Penalty and Interest is applied at a rate of 1.25% per month, starting on the first day of the month following the due date.
Avoid penalties and interest charges by:
  • Not missing a due date
  • Ensuring we have your most recent mailing address
  • Contacting our office if you do not receive a tax bill
  • Set up a payment plan monthly or by installment
  • Contact your mortgage company to see about having them pay your property taxes on your behalf through your mortgage
The Municipality bills Supplementary and Omitted Assessments separately from the regular billing cycle, and issues them throughout the year.  The Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC) provides the Municipality with supplementary or omitted assessment values for the current year and up to two years prior retroactively to the date of substantial completion or occupancy, whichever comes first, when:
  • Land value is omitted from the assessment roll;
  • Use of the property changes; 
  • Property  is improved due to construction, an addition or renovation.
You will receive a Property Assessment Change Notice from MPAC informing you of the supplemental or omitted assessed value and date.  If you have any questions regarding your assessed value, please contact MPAC. 

For more information on how assessment values are determined, please see the MPAC website page "How Assessment Works". 
Property owners can also visit MPAC's "About My Property" to view and confirm their property details

The fee for a Tax Certificate is $55.00.
Tax Certificate Requests can be made by the following methods;
  • Mail to Municipality of McDougall, 5 Barager Blvd., McDougall, ON, P2A 2W9
  • Fax to 705-342-5573 (include copy of payment)
  • Email to
Law Offices are asked to kindly provide the Municipality of McDougall with a copy of a registered deed after the closing of any sale of land within McDougall's boundary.

2023 Tax Rates (pdf 201kb)
2022 Tax Rates (pdf 91.5kb)   
2021 Tax Rates (pdf 181kb) 
2020 Tax Rates (pdf 85.5kb)

Ownership Updates

 Law Offices are asked to kindly provide the Municipality of McDougall with a copy of a registered deed after the closing of sale of land within McDougall's boundary.  

New Property Owners

Congratulations on your new ownership status.  Please note;
  • We require you or your lawyer to provide us with a copy of your registered deed to update our records with your information
  • The property tax department will send the next tax bill to the new owner.  If you have questions, please contact our office
  • The owner is responsible for paying property taxes by the due dates
  • The owner is responsible to ensure that they provide current mailing address information