Contact and FAQs


Municipality of McDougall
Building Department
5 Barager Boulevard
McDougall, Ontario
P2A 2W9

Telephone  (705) 342-5252
Fax   (705) 342-5573


Q. How do I access the West Parry Sound Geography Network?

A. The interactive map can be found by here at West Parry Sound Geography Network. After checking off that you agree with the disclaimer, click the "Access as Public" button to gain access to the zoning map. Using the public version of the interactive map, hold the cursor over the McDougall portion of the map and left click to open. Find your property. Using your roll number (found on your tax bill) (or click on map) allows you to locate your property on the map. Another alternative is by use of the zoom tools located below the map.

Q. Where can I find the latest Building By-Law

The building by-law can be found in our By-Laws repository

Q. Where can I find additional information on applying for a building Permit?

A. Under the Application Forms page, you can find a building permit package relating to different types of structures. As well as information of different ways you can apply for a building permit. If you have further questions, please use the contact information above.

Q. Is the Ontario Building Code available on line?

A. Yes, The Building Code Act and The Building Code are available on e-laws.

The most common parts of the Ontario Building Code associated with houses/cottages and small buildings are Part 7 (Plumbing), Part 6 (HVAC), Part 9 (Housing & Small Buildings), Part 5 and Part 12 (Environmental Separation and Resource Conservation). Other parts of the Building Code Compendium (hard copy or disc) may be purchased as outlined in the Ministry web site not through the Municipal office.