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Fire Safety

The fire rating system is a very important safety feature of the municipality. If you have questions regarding open air burning permits, fireworks and fire rating levels, please visit the Fire Ratings page.

Please review the following fire safety fact sheets for information about different fire threats and safety recommendations: 

Carbon Monoxide Safety (pdf 6.3kb)

Smoke Alarm Safety (pdf 1,136kb)

Barbecue Safety (pdf 26.4kb)

Power Outage Safety (pdf 15.1kb)

Fireworks Safety (pdf 7.4kb)

Outdoor Fire Safety (pdf 6.2kb)

Incinerator Safety (pdf 35.8kb)

Trailer and Hunt Camp Safety (pdf 18.1kb)

More information on how to PREVENT these threats from happening, including planning your home escape route and where to place carbon monoxide and smoke alarms, visit our Fire Prevention page.

Top Five Ignition Sources for Structure Fires in Ontario:

  • Cooking: 1,379 fires per year (down 7% from previous year)
  • Electrical: 706 fires per year (down 14%)
  • Heating: 686 fires per year (down 22%)
  • Cigarettes: 539 fires per year (down 5%)
  • Appliances: 346 fires per year (down 13%)