Every four years, voters across Ontario decide who will represent their interests and lead their communities by electing the members of their municipal councils and school boards.

The Province of Ontario sets out common rules that all voters and candidates must follow. However, municipalities are responsible for conducting elections to their council and school board trustees. The municipal clerk is responsible for running the election for the municipality in accordance with the Municipal Act, and Municipal Elections Act.

The Clerk must keep in mind the needs of all voters when they are planning and running the election. The clerk must also ensure that voting places are accessible. The Municipal Election Accessibility Plan and Post Election Accessibility Report have been prepared for identifying, removing and preventing barriers that affect persons with disabilities.

Contact the clerk if you have questions about the Municipality of McDougall's municipal and school board elections.

2018 Municipal and School Board Elections ended on October 22, 2018.

Declaration of Elected Candidates

School Board Trustees Certified Election Results McDougall only, School Board election results are determined by the total combined votes from all municipalities in the School Districts. 

The 2014 Municipal Election ended on October 27, 2014

2014 Election Results