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Fire Prevention






 The McDougall Fire Department is more than just a response agency, we also have a Fire Prevention Division. Fire Prevention is the responsibility of all members of the McDougall Fire Department. Our Fire Prevention activities include public awareness campaigns held on the Thursday, Friday and Saturday preceding every Victoria Day Weekend; the Canadian Tire Safety Day, Wal-Mart Safety Day; Fire Prevention Week and various visits to our local elementary schools throughout the year.  At various times throughout the year, McDougall Fire Department posts Public Awareness ads in the Parry Sound North Star newspaper and on the MOOSE FM radio.

If you wish the Fire Department to attend your location, function, event or Association meeting, please contact the Fire Chief for arrangements.

McDougall Fire Department is a supporter of SMOKEY BEAR. To learn more about SMOKEY BEAR, wildland fire safety and play some fund children’s games, please visit


Plan Your Home Escape 

Fire safety in the home is important and should be a part of everyone’s lifestyle. Even though we feel safest at home, statistically, the home is where we are most likely to encounter fire. McDougall Fire Department has provided a list of various home fire safety tips. Please review the various topics and implement them in your home with your family.

Click here for more information about home escape planning.

Every family should prepare a HOME ESCAPE PLAN.  McDougall Fire Department has made this easy and fun to do through our partnership with EZ FIREPLAN. This is a web-based software system that you can link to through our site and produce your home custom HOME ESCAPE PLAN. To begin, please click this link. This will take you to the start page. You will be given a password which is strictly yours to access the software and make your HOME ESCAPE PLAN. Your very own custom HOME ESCAPE PLAN can be printed for your use. It will be archived at EZ FIREPLAN for safe keeping and future updates that you may wish to implement. You may also decide to share your HOME ESCAPE PLAN with your fire department for their review, it is your choice.

To access the EZ FIREPLAN website please visit

Smoke Alarms

As of March 1st, 2006, every home in Ontario must have a working smoke alarm on every storey and outside all sleeping areas. IT’S THE LAW!

Sometimes smoke from a toaster, an open oven door or even steam from a shower can cause a smoke alarm to activate. This is referred to as a nuisance alarm. For more information visit


Smoke Alarm Operation in Residential Fires/Ontario Statistics:

44% - Smoke alarm operated
16% - Alarm presence undetermined
15% - Alarm present, did not operate (no battery, separation from fire, etc.)
7% - Alarm present, operation undetermined

Smoke Alarm Maintenance:

Please review this fact sheet about smoke alarm maintenance.

Smoke Alarm Placement:

Smoke Alarms are required on every story of your home and outside sleeping areas. Please review this smoke alarm fact sheet for more information.

Smoke alarms should be placed on the ceiling or the highest point of the room. This will allow for earliest detection (remember, smoke and heat rise).


Carbon Monoxide

To minimize the risk of carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning, maintain all of your fuel or wood burning appliances in excellent working order. The McDougall Fire Department recommends installing and maintaining CO alarms in
your homes, cottages and trailers. You should maintain and change your batteries when you service your smoke alarm.

Fire Inspections


The McDougall Fire Department does perform fire inspections based on a request or complaint from a resident.  Request inspections could entail smoke alarm placement, smoke alarm testing, fire extinguishers or general fire safety information.  Complaint inspections could entail concerns from a tenant on non-functioning life safety equipment or defective equipment to infractions against the Ontario Fire Code.

McDougall Fire Department will attend all request or complaint fire Inspections and provide advice on matters pertaining to fire safety.