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Please direct all water-related concerns to the municipal office at 705-342-5252.


Answers to frequently asked questions about McDougall’s Nobel Waterworks:

Q. What is the water system pressure at my house?
A. The water system pressure varies depending on your location. The lowest pressure in the system is around 55 psi and the highest pressure is around 100 psi.
Q. Can I flush my toilet or run a bath during a power outage?
A. Yes to both. Because the system is fed from the Parry Sound North Tower it provides a continuous supply even during a power outage.
Q. Is bottled water safer to drink than my tap water?
A. Your tap water is regulated by the MOE. We are required to test and monitor weekly for micro-organisms and many other parameters on a monthly basis. The water is produced under these guidelines and this information is public. The bottled water industry is not regulated nor required to test for any of the parameters that Nobel Waterworks tests for as it falls under the Food and Drugs Act. Therefore it is our position that you should not have any concern with your tap water and you should use it for everyone’s needs in your home.
Q. Where is McDougall’s free drinking water tap located?
A. The free drinking water tap is located on the side of the Public Works garage on Municipal Drive (click here for a map to this location).