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For copies and inquiries regarding municipal By-laws, or if you require these documents or any other document referenced on our website in an accessible format, please contact the Municipal Office (705) 342-5252.
Being a By-law (pdf 1,088kb) to permit the operation of "All Terrain Vehicles" (ATV's) on highways under the jurisdiction of the Municipality of McDougall
A By-Law (pdf 169kb) to prohibit the feeding of bears (Ursus americansus) within the geographic boundaries of the Municipality of McDougall
Being a By-law  (pdf 1,989kb) respecting construction, demolition, change of use permits, inspections, fees.
Being a By-law (pdf 176kb) to authorize cost recovery (fees) with respect to Fire Department specific response. 

Being a By-law (pdf 619kb) to license, regulate and govern dogs within the Municipality for the purposes of easy identification of dogs.
Being a By-law (pdf 377kb) to regulate, control and prohibit fences within the Municipality of McDougall.
Being a By-law (pdf 240kb)to allow and regulate the keeping of backyard hens in the Residential (RR) Zone.
Please complete Schedule "A" to By-Law 2021-27 "Back Yard Hen License" (pdf 50.4kb) and submit to our office.

Being a By-law (pdf 137kb) to prohibit or regulate unusual noises or noises likely to disturb the inhabitants of the Township of McDougall.
Being a By-law (pdf 352kb) to establish prescribed times for setting of open-air fires, precautions to be taken and for issuing permits for burning in the Municipality of McDougall. 

Being a By-Law (pdf 662kb) for prescribing standards for the maintenance and occupancy of property within the Municipality of McDougall, for prohibiting the occupancy or use of such property that does not conform to the standards, and for requiring property below the standards prescribed herein to be repaired and maintained to comply with the standards or the land thereof to be cleared of all buildings, structures, debris or refuse and left in a graded and  leveled condition.
Being a By-law (pdf 331kb) to regulate parks, parkland, Facilities and Municipal owned lands within the Corporation of the Municipality of McDougall.
Being a By-law (pdf 322kb) to control, regulate and prohibit signs in the Municipality of McDougall.

Being a By-law (pdf 196kb) to adopt a Tariff of Fee Schedule.

Being a By-law (pdf 763kb) to provide for a safe municipal water supply within the Municipality of McDougall.
Being a By-law (pdf 120kb) to establish the rates to be charged for the use of water within the Municipality of McDougall.