Fire Fighters Practice Putting Out Fire

We're always looking for a few good people to join our ranks. The department trains every Tuesday evening and members respond to alarms as they occur.  All that is required is to be a minimum of 18 years of age, in good physical health with a current medical exam, have 24 hour transportation available and have a willingness to learn. All the training you require, from CPR and First Aid through your Class DZ driver’s license will be provided by the department.  General recruitment starts with a meeting with the Fire Chief.

Our firefighters are covered under Workman’s Compensation from the Workers Safety and Insurance Board and receive a comprehensive On Duty Accident and Sickness Benefit coverage from Volunteer Firemen’s Insurance Services (VFIS). Our Volunteer Firefighters are compensated for their training and emergency responses based on the current 2 year contract between the McDougall Firefighters Association and the Corporation of the Municipality of McDougall.

As the Fire Chief, you have my word that becoming a McDougall Volunteer Firefighter will be the hardest but most satisfying lifestyle choice you will ever embark upon.  Please ensure that both you and your family are committed to this adventure.