Caverhill Classic Road Race

The annual Caverhill Classic Road Race has been running for over 30 years for students across the Parry Sound District from Grades 2 to 8. Starting here at the Municipality of McDougall office and travelling along Hammel Avenue to Nobel School, Close to 400 students compete in the 3000 meter races, hosted by Nobel School and staff. The Caverhill Classic continues to be a strong annual event in the community due in large part to the commitment of a number of groups within the community. Students and coaches practice, depending on the weather, from mid-March until the race date. Literally thousands of kilometers are run ahead of time by children from every school in preparation for this event. The Caverhill Committee at Nobel School, which organizes this event, depend on the support of a number of dedicated community organizations. The Carling Trailblazers continue their long standing tradition of ensuring that every competitor goes home with a ribbon, as well as providing medals for the top three finishers for both girls and boys in each grade. McDougall Volunteer Firefighters are always out in full force at numerous checkpoints along the route, providing the communication system, traffic control, first aid, and lots of cheering from start to finish, in order to make sure all the races are run in as safe a manner as possible. The OPP provides the official escort (pace car) for each race, which adds to the excitement and safety for the children. Many former competitors now attending high school and university also volunteer their time and enthusiasm to support this event.